Check out the latest buzz about Mosquito Joe.

Mosquito Joe of Annapolis is making headlines about our mosquito control services and how we’re making outside fun again. Check out some of the latest press about Mosquito Joe of Annapolis.

A Buzzing Business

April 2018

Kurt and Melissa Godwin share their successes and struggles in owning a mosquito control company, and the reward that comes with it all. Read more about their journey.

Tips to get rid of mosquitoes

June 2017
The hot, muggy weather in Annapolis is fun for mosquitoes, so Kurt Godwin from Mosquito Joe shares some tips to get rid of them. Click here to watch Kurt’s segment.

Md. Concerns Over Zika Virus Continue To Mount

May 2016
Concerns about Zika virus are addressed with Mosquito Joe owner Kurt Godwin. Read more to learn about preventative steps you can take.

What You Need To Know About Mosquito Awareness

June 2016
Hear tips for how to avoid mosquitos this season in the Annapolis area. Click here to watch the news segment and learn more about mosquito awareness.