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Welcome to Mosquito Joe of Annapolis

If you live in the Annapolis area of Maryland then you know that mosquitoes, ticks and fleas here are no joke! These outdoor pests have a tendency of ruining our fun and they also expose us to insect-borne illnesses like West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus or EEEV, and Lyme disease. Lucky for you, Mosquito Joe of Annapolis has you covered throughout areas like Odenton, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Edgewater and more offering a variety of services so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors once again. If you’re looking to keep your yard swat-free all season long, check out one of our outdoor mosquito repelling services such as barrier sprays, special event treatments or our natural solution that uses essential oils like peppermint and lemongrass. We’ve dealt with a wide array of outdoor spaces and know exactly what to look for, making sure to not only eliminate the mosquitoes, ticks and fleas you already have, but to also identify and remove any places that they could breed or live.

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Annapolis, MD Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control Services

Mosquito Joe of Annapolis provides mosquito and stinkbug solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout our area. Our Maryland certified MoJo techs come to you and perform barrier sprays that are professionally applied, effective, and affordable. Our mosquito treatments provide effective pest control for up to 3 weeks. We will then return every 3 weeks to give you the same great product that improves with every visit. Best of all, there are never any contracts at Mosquito Joe, so you are not locked into anything. Our price is based on your property size, not contingent on a long-term contract. We’re confident you’ll love being itch-free so much, you’ll want us to keep coming back so we will never lock you into anything. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Mosquito Barrier Treatment: Our trained technicians apply a mosquito barrier to your yard in the Annapolis, MD area that will eliminate pests and keep your family itch-free!
  • Natural Solution: Natural outdoor pest control treatments are top of mind these days and Mosquito Joe of Annapolis can put your mind at ease with our essential oil control treatments.
  • Tick Control: Our technicians create a repelling barrier against these intruders, helping to protect your family and pets in Annapolis, MD from the serious implications that ticks can cause.

Besides protecting your home, Mosquito Joe of Annapolis also offers pest control solutions for municipalities, parks, businesses, and any commercial property to keep outdoor spaces comfortable and itch-free. We also offer special event sprays for weddings, picnics, home BBQ’s, birthday parties, graduations, etc. Special event sprays help your guests remember the fun, not the bugs. Check out our full list of services to see what’s the best fit for your outdoor needs.

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe of Annapolis serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 410-514-5119 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


Been a customer for several years. Shane is awesome and thorough technician.

Ann Kershner

Great service, made a huge difference in yard. The technicians are professional and nice.

Tim Robinson

Tech was incredible and I only want him on my property

Sean Stenhouse

Great interaction with the service technicians. They were knowledgeable and professional.

T Fagan

JJ was informative and ensured that all of our areas were being handled well. He explained the different applications. I am very thankful the treatments don’t negatively impact pollinators and butterflies. My daughter has a severe reaction to mosquitoes and she has not had an incident at home since we started.

Jeannine Wolfe

JJ and Josh spoke to me prior to the service to see if there were any issues to be aware of. They explained what the service entailed. Very nice and friendly.

Patti Poole

We have been using Mosquito Joe’s for two years now and are very satisfied. They’ve always been good, however this year the technicians have been outstanding. I’m not sure if they have implemented a new training protocol, but the techs go above and beyond. They always take special precautions with our pets and kids to insure safety and are extremely professional. I highly recommend this company.

Kevin Miller

TJ and Brandon did a great job. It’s nice that they always check with me to make sure my dogs are in before they spray. Very reliable.

Lauren Woodland

Using Mosquito joe is well worth the investment. With climate change making the summers increasingly swampy, going outside to enjoy our backyard had become impossible over the past few years. Day or night. The moment we stepped outside, we would become a swollen mass of itching bites. Enter mosquito joe stage right. They are first and foremost friendly and knowledgeable. They take care to avoid spraying flowering plants to do their part in keeping bees and other pollinators safe. They are a great company to work with. We highly recommend their service.

David Haber

Eli serviced our yard today and went above and beyond to make sure our problem areas like our yard draining basins, (that I did not even realize could be problem areas) were treated with special larva pellets. He also informed me of the changes in the chemical treatment which will help adhere the chemicals to the grass if there is unexpected rain, so the treatment isn’t washed away. Most importantly he made sure my dogs and their toys were safe. He even checked with me about my neighbors dog before starting treatment. Eli was pleasant and he is clearly someone who is dedicated to providing excellent service, safely and efficiently. Overall, my experience with Mosquito Joes has been very positive in the last two years. Even when I forgot to unlock my gate last week, they were very understanding and did not charge for the last minute cancellation even though they had every right too. It’s refreshing to have a company and their employees care so much about customer service. UPDATE: Eli even brought my trash bin up from the end of the driveway, WOW!!! Thanks Eli!

Brandi Meyers